is transforming the way people with Presbyopia see and enjoy their lifes. More than 1.2B people suffer worldwide from Presbyopia and have troubles reading or seeing near. Our ambition is to restore their eyesight and become the household name for visual comfort and acuity.

Our concept is to take technology, originally developed for smartphones, and combine it with classical eyewear to restore people’s vision across the entire field of view, mimicking the orignal and natural functionality of their eyes. In this way, we would like to provide people with a more comfortable visual experience and facilitate them to retain their lifestyle.

We developed our patent-pending approach while working at imec, Europe’s largest semiconductor R&D organization. Our team currently consists of 7 highly experienced engineers, product developers and retail professionals. Recently, our CTO was recognized as MIT innovator 2017.

If you are an experienced assembly engineer with an entrepreneurial mindset combined with a taste for innovation, we welcome you to come on board.

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Contact: Paul Marchal, CEO, +32472805033, [email protected]