Age-defying eyewearAge-defying eyewear
Over time, our eyes change and we struggle seeing near. Why let this affect our performance, our work, our lives

Introducing digital lenses with an uncompromising field of view, all the time.
Touch & see!

Display technology combined with
classical eyewear for a rejuvenating experience.

Made for your taste.
Eyewear should reflect your personality.

's ambition is to make glasses that make people with presbyopia see as if they were twenty years younger and transform glasses in a more fun experience. For the time being, we are developing our technology and are consequently a little tight-lipped in what we communicate publicly. To better understand people’s experiences with current eyewear we would appreciate your feedback in our online survey (in English, in het Nederlands). Next to this, we are looking for people who are passionate about eyesight and are willing to test-drive our system.

If you are interested to stay up to date and/or test our device, please fill the form here below and someone will be in touch.

was founded with a lofty mission: apply our knowledge in nanotechnology to remove the burden of eyewear and make people see more, all the time.

Our story started at imec and Ghent University, where we were researching technology for digital lenses. After talking to family and friends, ophthalmologists and optometrists and industry professionals, we realized that our concept, electronics embedded in lenses, could profoundly impact eyewear.

Therefore, we decided to start , with the ambition to provide people a rejuvenating visual experience.

We are a group of entrepreneurs, researchers and scientists, passionate about customers’ visual health, with many years’ experience in technology and ophthalmology. We are not bound by convention and share a common believe in the innovative power of technology, yet like to keep it uncomplicated and classy.

We are fortunate to have the investments from QBIC ARKIV fund, Tokai Optecs, IMEC and the Flemish Government. Besides, we were granted support from Vlaio.

Technologiepark 199052 Zwijnaarde (Belgium)[email protected]T +32 472 805 033

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is based on strong technology backed by a strong team. We are quick to learn and quick to move forward and expand. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset combined with a taste for innovation, you may be well suited to make our team even stronger.

Current openings: Assembly engineerLab operator and Optical Design Engineer

Interested? Please contact us at [email protected]

Come with a passion for eyewear and a taste for disrupting the way we think about eyesight!